Monday, May 25, 2020

TLC Extension Collection: South Africa

May 25, 2020 is the start of round two of South Africa's The Lockdown Collection (TLC), raising funds for the Vulnerable Artists Fund. The TLC Extension Collection, curated by Gordon Froud, is hosted by Artist Proof Studio. For 21 days, new art works will be released, and Art Beyond Quarantine will comment on many of these.

Reflection: The TLC Extension Collection

Appropriately, the TLC Extension Collection opens with Sizwe Khoza’s portrait of a young person in rather prayerful meditation, pondering what the future might bring, a powerful image for a society on the threshold of profound transformation. The collection runs the entire spectrum from Themba Khumalo’s somber elegy to the faceless destitute to the irrepressible joy and optimism of Lebohang Motaung’s portrait of a young girl whose smiling face shines through a transparent mask. With compassion, Susan Woolf recognizes those at society’s margins who are most exposed to the crisis, while celebrating the resilient creativity of township culture. Robyn Penn and Marco Cianfanelli provide glimpses of the sublime through works dense with metaphorical allusions. Now, many weeks into the Lockdown, the collection takes us on a journey through the terrors of confinement and infection, the persistent longing for human touch, the heroism of the nation’s caregivers, and the resolute power of compassion at this moment of local and global crisis.

—Pam Allara and Mark Auslander (May 23, 2020)

Days 1-21: 

Day 1. (25 May)  Sizwe Khoza. "Kuzolunga, Mfana." 2020.

Day 2.  (26 May) Robyn Penn. Warped Time. 2020.

Day 3.  (27 May) Lebohang Motaung: And Yet I Smile (2020)

Day 4 (28 May)  Michael Meyersfeld. Fenced (2020) & Veiled (2020)

Day 5 (29 May)    Senzo Shabangu. The Nurse. 2020.

Day 6 (30 May)   Sue Martin. Victory. 2020.

Day 7 (31 May)   Vusi Beauchamp. We are Happy. 2020

Day 8 (1 June).   Marco Cianfanelli. Breath. (2020)

*2 June: Blackout Tuesday

Day 9 (3 June)  Ella Cronje. All the King's Horses (2020) 

Day 10 (4 June)  Ramarutha Makoba. Relwa ntwa ya kokwana took ya Corona
(From sePedi: "Together We are fighting the sickness of Coronavirus")

Day 11 (5 June)  Paul Emmanuel.  Platform Number 5.  (2020)

Day 12 (6 June) Sifiso Tembo, The Defender. 2020.

Day 13 (7 June)  Jacki McInnes. Five Star, Junk Status.

Day 14 (8 June)   Strijdom Van der Merwe  When Autumn Comes.

Day 15 (9 June)   Christiaan Diedericks, Saint Corona (Dark - a single diagnosis of health) 

Day 16 (10 June). Themba Khumalo. Waiting for Food Parcels. 2020

Day 18 (12 June)  Steven Rosin. There's a Cat among the Pigeons.

Day 19. (13 June)  Stompie Selibe. The Old Births and the New (Shangaan Dress), 2020

Day 20 (14 June). Bevan de Wet. New Territories

Day 21 (15 June)  Roger Ballen. Fisherman's Trophy.

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  1. Susan Woolf's art blows me away every time.

  2. Dear Mark and Pam,
    You have accompanied the TLC every day marking the Lockdown on this artistic journey. Each artist has presented some astounding images that bring original and visionary expressions of this extraordinary time. Your deeply thoughtful and perceptive insights have lifted the artworks into the light and illuminated hidden facets. This deeply compassionate act of solidarity with artists under Lockdown has impacted careers, raised funds and supported so many of us in many ways. On behalf of the TLC and TLC Extension, we thank you for your collaboration, partnership and very poetic and brilliant insights into our work.